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・✧ CooThingI Made ・✧★・

Album Art for lead single from Komato$e X Lucas Versace Album (2021)

‘LV & Koma Vol. 1’
Album Art for Lucas Versace and Komato$e Compilation Album (2021)

sneak peek artwork for Rebecca Black’s ‘Closer’ Music Video (2020)

‘Boyfriend In Every City’
Cityscapes for Music Video (2020) 
Directed by Lucy Rose Fuller & Tiago Mathias, with graphics from incredible indie artists like me ;)

Personal Statement
Digital Collage (2020)

Featured in
The Colour of Madness’ Macmillan
Didn’t Go To Art School Zine

neonworld, some planet
Vector illo (2020)

Sleepy Dayze
Vector illustration (2019)

Long Time Human, First Time Being
Vector Doodle (2019)

I Don’t Like Waiting
Vector Doodle (2019)

Class of 2020
Vector Doodle for uh article idk (2019)

Cat Wants Space
Vector Doodle (2020)

In Ur City
Album Art for io album in ur city ◕ᴗ◕✿ (2018)