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// audio as a medium for aRRRT

• had a pretty semi-famous tumblr audioblog in 2009-11, focusing on ~curation (ate a lot of cheetos in my bedroom while discovering niche edm and talking about how it made me feeel)
• these curation talents did not end here. i brought this into the ~dj space 2014-19
• after a wildly mediocre career, in 2018 i realised i wanted to do more. to the great dismay of those around me, i began producing computer music in its purest form. choosing to ignore all organic sound and also music theory.
• i self-released an EP and singles through the (now dead) aimen.me store. i was frankly surprised at the support this project received. apparently people enjoyed paying £13.99 to listen to 3 experiemental songs. like a very niche bandcamp.
• in 2020 i opened up my back catalogue to Apple Music, Spotify & more. i published one exclusive single, one that is wildly unpopular but probably technically my best work to date (NMTS extended mix)
• i realised music marketing is whack. aimen.me was an extremely niche part of the cyberweb. i made a modest revenue ending in 3 zeros. by contrast, i can purchase four to six carrots with my streaming revenue.

 // what did 2020 bring 

these mad gains from my spotify wrapped

+9999% growth = gainz

Lead single ‘Tempest’ remains the awkward Moscow-club-vibes gift that keeps on giving…

------------ earlier -------------

published my back catalogue on Apple Music & Spotify this 2020

Apple Music for Artists welcomes me with open arms and only a mild tinge of regret.

Spotify has not yet added me to any Editorial Playlists – an oversight, I’m sure.

The below “music” is currently available on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, Napster, Amazon Music, Pandora, Instagram, TikTok and wherever else one can stream music.

Nothing More To Say – Extended Mix (2019)
Satellite (2019)
Tempest (2018)

 In Ur City – EP (2018)

Um, who is Io?
Io is a multidisciplinary artist on a perpetual journey –– including music. She makes truly, deeply electronic music, best listened to with an open mind.

Her work explores the imagined sounds of space and planets: unusual, tinny, ambient, and sometimes unpleasant. Io first started making questionable music in 2013. She has not yet stopped.

“***** I think Io’s music saved my life”
– Anon, but likely Charli XCX
“***** When I see an Io song, I add it to my playlists on Spotify”

– Britney Spears, probably