︎ Aimen R-M  ◠‿◠✿

“Personal Statement”

digital collage “art”
mai 2020

Since coronavirus took my full time corporate hustle, I’ve been OUT THERE, HuStLiNg, SELLING M?YSELF 24x7. Always with 1-pager resumés and cover letters and personal statements. But I am a Thinker so it got me Thinking. When condensing myself to a page of ‘experience and ‘accomplishments’ what facets of ability are actually being celebrated?

Thinking about it, much of the manifestations of my anxiety or ADHD help me assimilate and pass as a Bonafide High Functioning Competency Level 5000 Adult™. But is this ability, or literally just symptoms of chronic anxiety? Should I be celebrating various points of economic access that neurodiversity can grant me? Should I be asking for more in a typical workplace?  Should we be comfortable monetizing all our accidental skills and used-to-be-hobbies? Maybe it’s just been a while since I used Times New Roman in a project and that’s all this is about. 

“Personal Statement” is a digital collage and anti-capitalist narrative questioning the glamorization of workaholicism and ‘being busy’. For a more coherent narrative on workplace burnout please read an actual article I wrote and ignore this piece.

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