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The Science Museum: Exploring Space

ak & famille visite la musée du science
février 2019

My family and I recently visited the Museum district. Despite having lived in London for eight years, and in Kensington for a few months, this was my first ever trip to the Science Museum.

All of the museums are interesting to look at in their own right. That being said, the Science Museum is where the space stuff is. 

We visited the always-on exhibition (Exploring Space) – this is where they have a bunch of rockets hanging from the ceiling amongst artifacts like engines, and a replica of the Eagle. The Science Museum also had immersive VR experiences, and a 45-min 3D movie (A Beautiful Planet). 

This is a pretty cool photo. I took it when I realized the rocket hanging above me had actually been in space! In my excitement, I motion–blurred the gentleman in the bottom right, but I think it adds to the “!?!?”.

Honestly, I thought this was a Dalek. I guessed Doctor Who was so deeply engrained in British culture that they had to put a Dalek in the Space Exhibit, but then I realized this was an engine. From the innards of a rocket!

Print materials for a space mission! Dream gig. I’m in love with the type on the Press Kit. The geometric caps. The weird vertical text. Edgy logo placement. Good job, NASA Design Team – are you hiring?

This is space food. My excitement did plateau when I realized freeze-dried strawberries still taste like freeze-dried strawberries, even with astro-branding.

I had a great time, and I hope the Science Museum runs a child-free day at some point. 

“Ma’am, there are no more first-class seats on the 5PM LHR–ISS flight. Is coach okay? You’ll have to bring your own in-flight entertainment.”