︎ Aimen R-M  ◠‿◠✿

Neonworld, Some Planet

digital work and filters
mai 2020

made some vector art because I want to be in the city blasting ‘anthems’ by charli xcx while driving in a nice prius or something 

haze filter. i like soft glow stars and the idea of a very neon wonderworld. the 80s but a little elon musky. like probably energy efficient and functional despite all the glowing buildings.

in this version, i threw the vector illo in a pixel blender. this version is more how i feel when i think about how my day-to-day resembles the sims. very much purposeful. 

tWIRL filter – i just like the xcx hypno logo and i very much want to leave the online universe and be in real cities. like also beyond london because i’m a little bored of the ~horizon

i wanted to make a deep fried meme that was aesthetically pleasing. and then i remembered motion blur memes. anyway this was nice, felt like what i might feel the night lockdown ends. blur as i head out lool.

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